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Jamie Chung Dishes on Wedding Planning (Which She Hasn’t Started, Yet)

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

William Rast sure loves to party. The Spring 2015 presentation was certainly a spectacle — the brand organized an interactive dinner and performance of “Queen of the Night,” so it’s not surprising that it went all out to fête the U.S. launch of the collection. Last night, the label hooked up with Lord & Taylor for a rooftop party at the department store’s Fifth Avenue flagship. Actress and style star Jamie Chung hosted the affair, and Jessie J played a live set.

Pieces from fall lined the hallway leading to the event space, which was an indoor-outdoor location. Guests patiently waited for Jessie to take the stage, and were not disappointed once she did. In case anyone needs a reminder: Girl can sing. Belting out hits like “Bang Bang,” “Domino” and “Burnin’ Up,” Jessie’s awesome technical skills were laid bare for the audience.



@isthatjessiej slaying the stage at @lordandtaylor x @williamrast’s rooftop fete #ltxwr

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Amazon Opening First Brick-and-Mortar Store

Image: AFP/Getty Images

Image: AFP/Getty Images

According to Dow Jones and CNBC, Amazon is making the leap into brick-and-mortar with plans to open its first standalone store in Manhattan this holiday season. The store will be a pop-up shop at 7 West 34th Street, conveniently located right by the Empire State Building.

The store, which is more like a warehouse, will offer same-day delivery in New York City. We’re assuming the company placed the pop-up in Midtown in order to attract tourists, so it’s strange that delivery would be limited to New York City. Hopefully, out-of-towners will come to the store armed with the address of their hotels — and extra space in their suitcases if they want to pick anything up. 

Although it’s a great way to garner press and attention, it is a little odd that Amazon would choose this route. Amazon has put many brick-and-mortar locations out of business thanks to its convenient shop-from-home and delivery model, so opening its own standalone is an interesting move. 

Amazon says that if this experimental shop is successful, it may open stores in other cities. 

 [via CNBC]

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Karl Lagerfeld Shoots Joan Smalls and Hudson Kroenig for Chanel’s Resort 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Karl Lagerfeld keeps the theme of his romantic Dubai-presented Chanel Resort 2015 collection going in his new advertising campaign for the iconic French fashion house. Joan Smalls is joined by Hudson Kroenig, the son of Lagerfeld favorite Brad Kroenig. Joan previously appeared in the brand’s Spring 2012 ads with Saskia de Brauw. This time around, Joan dons layered and patterned pieces as she lounges poolside, while a playful Hudson takes center stage.

Ad Campaign Chanel Cruise 2015 Karl Lagerfeld


The campaign doesn’t sit well with a few of our forum members. “Haven’t seen Chanel produce a good campaign for a long time. Where is the elegant brand that it used to be?” disapproved HelaFav5.

“Boring. Also, is it just me or does Joan look very short in this shot?” asked MyNameIs.

The word “boring” was used a lot to describe the ads with Hyacinthus commenting, “Joan was not to blame, but Karl. Chanel’s campaigns have been boring for a long time!”

GivenchyHomme voiced his concern regarding Joan’s exposure: “All I have to say is, her again?”

“Her expressions are awful. It could have been a decent campaign, but no, some things are off,” wrote an underwhelmed anlabe32.

Discussion later shifted to Karl’s latest gimmick. “Hudson looks so random there, completely unnecessary,” proclaimed Marc10.

“The kid is the worst prop ever, so unnecessary… it distracts from Joan and the clothes imo,” replied kokobombon.

Are you left underwhelmed or overwhelmed? Check out the thread for the full campaign and share your own opinion here.

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Forum Members Weigh In on Angela Lindvall’s Racy Maxim Shoot (Forum Buzz)

Maxim is a rare find on our forums, but when a fashion model graces the cover, why not? Kate Lanphear is Maxim‘s newly appointed editor-in-chief, with the March 2015 issue being her debut, yet the monthly appears to be taking a new direction already. The magazine tapped 35-year-old American model Angela Lindvall as its October 2014 cover subject, shot by James Macari. Photographed wearing a range of swimsuits and heels, Angela’s piercing blue eyes and red lips make for an eye-catching cover shot.

Maxim October 2014 Angella Lindvall


A few of our forum members are unsure about Angela fronting a typical lads’ mag. “As a long time fan, I was initially disappointed she took this route, but the end result turned out great and I’ve come around to like it (except for the interview — can’t get past it, it’s so trashy),” commented bun-bun.

Also citing the racy interview was t-rex, who questioned, “Is Lindvall trying to market herself differently? I ask because of that interview,” and then goes on to say, “The photos and styling aren’t bad at all.”

“Dang, she looks so good here!!” wrote justaguy, who was in the minority by being content with the cover and accompanying spread.

“She is such a beautiful woman! I love the second and the sixth pictures, those legs!” agreed lukaslohan, posting his rave review of Angela’s latest spread.

 “I love it. It’s not slutty/trashy at all and Angela is so beautiful,” declared gazebo.

“Are we looking at the same ed??” replied Bobby153. “This is just horrible…I just don’t get men’s mag vibes from her at all, and this isn’t helping. Even in the past when she did VS she looked out of place. She’s just not that type of model, you’ve got your niche, stick to it…if it ain’t broke!”

Check out Angela’s cover story inside the thread and have your own say here.

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Secret Service Pulls Jenna Lyons and Vera Wang Aside Outside White House Party

Images: FilmMagic/Getty Images

Images: FilmMagic/Getty Images

Some random, criminal record-having guy armed with a gun getting on an elevator with President Barack Obama? Totally OK by the Secret Service’s standards. Unarmed Vera Wang and Jenna Lyons attending a party they were invited to at the White House? UNACCEPTABLE.

Last night, Michelle Obama wrapped up her Fashion Education Workshop with a party several designers were invited to. Apparently, when the two guests tried to enter the event, Secret Service agents pulled them aside because they received the wrong information on both women’s identification. According to Page Six, “Attendees were supposed to send in their Social Security, passport or drivers license numbers. For some reason the Secret Service had the wrong information for Vera.” 

A source says the guards “pulled Vera and Jenna aside and out of the line because of an issue with the guest list. After being held 20 minutes off to the side, they were both finally allowed in, but it was embarrassing.” Indeed. We understand the need for security, but considering Lyons sat on a panel at the White House just hours before the party, it seems a little strange that there would be a mix-up so shortly after. 

But then again, considering the Secret Service’s recent slip-ups, it’s understandable why they might be extra careful these days. Just recently, a man hopped the White House fence brandishing a knife. Between that huge misstep and the aforementioned elevator-gate, maybe they were just trying to avoid another egregious incident.

[via Page Six]

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WWD Calls Lena Dunham Sexual Abuse Claims a ‘Brouhaha’

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Lena Dunham has been steadily promoting her latest tomeNot That Kind of Girl, over the past few weeks. In the book, she recounts a time she was raped in college. But it seems that even with this extremely personal revelation, folks simply cannot leave well enough alone. Now, rumors are circulating that Lena was also sexually abused as a child and curious reporters are allegedly keen to get to the bottom of these claims. 

Last night, Lena was on hand to host the Lowline Anti-Gala and according to WWD, only made an appearance for part of the night. According to its sources, the Girls‘ creator was avoiding the press, so that no one would probe into the matter. The article, though perhaps better suited for Page Six or the Daily Mail, would have been perfectly fine were it not for the headline: “Another Lena Dunham Brouhaha.” Um, excuse us, what??

The dictionary defines “brouhaha” as “excited public interest, discussion or the like, as the clamor attending some sensational event; hullabaloo.” While news of these rumors did excite “public interest,” the word brouhaha in reference to a possible victim of sexual abuse is probably not the appropriate terminology. Brouhaha seems, in this case, like a trivializing statement and indeed, there is nothing trivial about being sexually abused as a child. These are very serious claims and, if true, probably bring up a lot of bad memories for Lena. This isn’t a case of the star taking her top off in public or tweeting something that pissed off the Internet. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Balmain — that was a brouhaha. Lindsay Lohan forgetting her lines onstage during a theater production? Brouhaha. 

Whether it was late in the day or not, it just seems a little insensitive to assign such nomenclature to these allegations. With headlines like this, it’s no wonder Lena didn’t want to speak to the press last night.

[via WWD]

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